Saturday, January 29, 2011

1. There are many ways to print a document without opening the desired file. Simply, just click and hold the icon (desired file) and drag it to the printer. To do this click on the start button then click on “Printers and faxes” the window will open up (make sure the printer is installed) then right click on the printer and choose the option “Create shortcut” this will create the shortcut on the desktop

2. Right click on My Computer select last option “Properties”. A dialog box will appear select the tab “Advanced” button. Under the option on the same tab “Startup and Recovery” click on the Setting button. Another dialog box will appear, now first check box titled “Time to display list of operating system”. Here you will set time in seconds and its range starts from 0 and ends at 999 seconds. After setting the time, and click on Ok button and reboot the system so that the changes will take effect.

3. You can block the website that you don’t want anyone to open on your machine, in any browser. Simply click on the stat button write “C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc” then open the file hosts in notepad and at the end of file you will see this line “ local host” local host is the name of any website you want to block. (if you are the newbie please do not try to play with it)

4. This is the simple but very effective tip to draw lines in Microsoft word quickly simply write (---) three times and hit Enter, you will get a line like this and there you go, eventually you can get lines of Asterisk, Underscore, and equal-to sign.

5. Normally we end the non-responsive programs by task manager (CTRL + ALT + DELETE), but sometimes these programs create so mess that eventually you had to reboot your machine, and at the same time you end up in losing some of your data. To prevent this let me suggest you this little bit complicated but effective tip

a) Click on the start menu button and go to run and type regedit

b) Click on Hkey_Current_User\Control Panel\Desktop

c) You will find the AutoEndTaskHere by double clicking on that you can set the values to 0 and 1, by default it is 0 set it to 1 then all your non responsive programs will be closed automatically.

d) Now close all windows and reboot your system for the changes to take effect.

6. Sometimes you enter the invalid or wrong registered owner and you want to change it afterwards, it’s so simple let me tell you the tip it goes like:

a) Click on the start menu button and go to run and type regedit

b) Click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows NT/Current Version

c) You will find the RegisteredOwner and here change its value data as you wish.

d) Now close all windows and reboot your PC now the computer has been registered to the new name you assigned to it.

Manage the Storage Space of Your Computer
Managing your computer's limited storage space efficiently is one of the most important things that you should remember so that you may be able to somehow prolong the lifespan of your computer itself. Yes, our computers are subjected to wear and tear and the files that are being saved on the hard disk are also factors in the wear and tear process of your computer.

You can actually manage your computer's storage space efficiently by considering these tips.

There are actually a lot of things that you can save on a hard disk drive and this includes all the files that you download from the internet such as music, movies, videos, and games. All the things that you download go directly into your computer's hard disk drive.

Also, all the things that you do affect the storage space on your computer such as when you are installing and uninstalling different programs. When you install a program, the needed files are being saved in a particular location on your hard disk drive which means that installing a program consumes or eats up space on your storage space.

Over the time, the files that you save on your computer are being fragmented making it hard for the computer itself to access the said files. In order to defragment these files and arrange them in a way that the computer will be able to easily access them by the time that you need them, you need to defragment your computer. You can actually run this program from your own operating system since most operating systems come with this utility.

Another thing that you should consider is to delete all the files that you do not need. If you have already watched a movie and you do not have plans on watching it again, you can just delete it to free up some space. Alternatively, you can just save your files on a virtual storage space on the internet.

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